“Alex loves writing, production, and artist development – and he is great at it! When we work together in the studio, the artist is always comfortable and usually learning new techniques. A true creative professional. I am proud to have Alex as my production partner.”

-Brian Vibberts, 6X Grammy Winning Engineer/Producer

“I learned more (about the music business) working with Alex Houton than I did at Berklee College of Music.”

-Runnan Li, Singer/Songwriter

“Working with Alex has been an absolute honor. With all the experience and knowledge he has concerning the music business, songwriting process, and artist development, you can’t go wrong working with him. I can’t wait to work with Alex even more in the future.”

-Emily Nance, Singer/Songwriter

“Working with Alex was awesome. Not only is he passionate about the music he produces, but he’s passionate about the success of his artists and educating them about the music industry in its entirety. His own knowledge of the industry is expansive and that completely shows through his work ethic and expectations he has for his artists– which is only the best!”

-Iona Bielby, Singer/Songwriter