Are Lawyers Deal Killers?

Let's talk about the legal stuff. Sooner or later, as a music artist, if you want to start partnering with legitimate people, companies, and opportunities, you'll need a written agreement or contract.

How To Ruin Your Career: Anonymous Case Studies

The best approach to artist development and music production as an emerging artist is to give yourself up to the process and don't grow attached to any one outcome, as the journey will likely be a very different one than you anticipate.

Artist Development: How Do I Start?…Essential Tools

I get a lot of singers, songwriters, and musicians that come to me asking about artist development and music production.  One of the most common questions is how to get started. There is a lot of information about successful artists that talk about how they achieved success, but much of it glosses over the actual

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Music Artists

Over the years that I've worked in artist development and music production, I've been able to see many artist’s habits. The habits of the successful people and effective artists get lots of attention. But let's take a look at some of the habits of some ineffective artists.