5 Strategies To Boost Your TikTok

If you're an independent musician, you know that getting your music heard is a constant struggle. In today's music industry, it's no longer enough to just release an album and hope for the best.

Writing For Film and TV Opportunities

Independent singer-songwriters have become increasingly popular among filmmakers and TV show producers. Their music is often unique and authentic, offering a fresh perspective that is not always present in mainstream music.


Get your music out amongst the tastemakers with THE TOP 200 MOST INFLUENTIAL MUSIC BLOGS OF 2019. Remember- first you need amazing music, because contacting top blogs with mediocre recordings that get thousands of submissions a month never makes an impact.

Is It A Scam?…How To Tell If You’re Getting Fleeced

It’s a scam. That’s what many parents tell their kids when they come across legitimate music industry opportunities for their career. How do I know this? Because I hear it all the time. So let’s discuss how to qualify whether a music industry opportunity is worth pursuing.