Writing For Film and TV Opportunities

  Independent singer-songwriters have become increasingly popular among filmmakers and TV show producers. Their music is often unique and authentic, offering a fresh perspective that is not always present in mainstream music. However, there are some common similarities that can be found in the music of independent singer-songwriters that is licensed for film and TV

Entry Level Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Coaching For Music Artists

I’ve recently taken on a limited number of coaching clients in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  The music industry has taken a turn in the direction of giving artists more power than they’ve ever had in the past. Learning your way around finances, and specifically through crypto currency and Bitcoin, is the future for independent


Get your music out amongst the tastemakers with THE TOP 200 MOST INFLUENTIAL MUSIC BLOGS OF 2019. Remember- first you need amazing music, because contacting top blogs with mediocre recordings that get thousands of submissions a month never makes an impact.

Is It A Scam?…How To Tell If You’re Getting Fleeced

It’s a scam. That’s what many parents tell their kids when they come across legitimate music industry opportunities for their career. How do I know this? Because I hear it all the time. So let’s discuss how to qualify whether a music industry opportunity is worth pursuing.

The Importance Of Resilience

"...Becoming an expert at turning these setbacks into positive experiences is a Jedi level of resilience. But simply being aware of the fact that setbacks are inevitable is one of the best ways to deal with them..."